The latest research has revealed…

According to the Australian Car Wash Consumer Study 2018: 46% of Australians have washed their car at a car wash facility in the past 12 months (n=1000 respondents). From these respondents 86% agreed washing a car at a car wash is less work than washing a car at home and 79% agreed washing a car at a car wash is faster than washing a car at home. 66% agreed washing a car at a car wash is more convenient than washing a car at home and 52% agreed washing a car at a car wash provides a better overall quality of wash than washing a car at home.

There are four keywords the Premier Auto Wash team have embraced that stood out from this research study:

– Less Work -> “Efficient”
– Faster -> “Quick”
– Convenient -> “Easy”
– Quality -> “Prestige” and “Meticulous”

car wash coming soon

As vehicle prices and maintenance costs continue to escalate, we are all realising the need to keep our cars longer and increase their amount of up-keep, to hold their value in the long-term. The overall appearance and cleanliness of your vehicle still matters! This makes self-service washing a quick, convenient, and economical solution to your needs. 

The car wash industry in Australia is entering a rebirth, growing out of the necessity to keep pace with the evolving changing needs and desires of the target audience. Premier Auto Wash aims to be on the leading edge in the industry, based in Ballarat, Victoria – the coolest place to be in the world (our opinion).

Let’s make it clear… Premier Auto Wash is not just another place to wash your car. We offer the increasingly popular start-of-the-art service – laser wash and will be constantly on the lookout for trends that will lead into new markets. Our professional and friendly team provides a safe, secure environment to wash and clean vehicles. We hope this will appeal to you so come in and pay us a visit!