Introducing the latest in car wash technology in Ballarat, Victoria.

Our automatic touchless laser washing service is like no other and you have to experience it to see the difference. Our state of the art LASERWASH 360 system will provide you with the highest quality wash including pre-soak and undercarriage cleaning. The touchless aspect will deliver a sense of security that your vehicle is not being damaged by dirty or abrasive brushes that other friction car washes may offer. 

Premier Auto Wash aims to be the most progressive and technologically advanced operated wash facility available in Ballarat, Victoria.

Our car wash includes:
– two touchless laser wash automatic bays,
– 3 self service bays, and
– a convenient dog wash station. 

If you’re in need of the highest quality clean for your vehicle – look no further! Our car wash is equipped with the latest washing systems, backed by our friendly and professional team. We aim to offer a professionally operated facility offering every service available in the industry today, with the capacity to add new systems as they are developed. Check out the video below of how our LASERWASH 360 system works to learn more.

Our LASERWASH 360 Equipment

Our 360 touchless equipment makes zero contact with your vehicles and eliminates the concern for any damage, in comparison to a traditional car wash that cleans using direct contact on the car for the majority of the wash cycle. With the most advanced technology and cleaning products, your vehicle will come out sparkling! Put simply, Premier Auto Wash aims to raise the standard for touchless car wash services. Our 360 technology enables the car wash system to be responsive to the dynamic conditions in the wash bay, giving it the ability to be intuitive which increases up-time and optimises the wash process. The results, an exceptional result for you – every time!

Our Self-Service Bays

Our self-service bays are for you to enjoy your own washing experience. If you take pride in and enjoy cleaning your vehicle, our cleaning options are sure to impress. Some of the key features of our self-service bays include:
– Credit Card System. Allows credit card usage at every POS device.
– In Bay Cash / Coin Machines. Offers you the ability to use cash in the self serve bays. 
– Countdown Display Timer. L.E.D. type display on the POS device showing the time purchased to operate the self serve bays, counts down in minutes and seconds, and gives you a warning when one minute of time is remaining.
– Intense Clean / Foam. An experience that you most likely have never had at a self serve wash. The latest in cleaning technology to spray on a foam that enhances the appearance of the exterior of vehicles and in the fragrance that is offered.
– Pre-Soak. A super-concentrated cleaning solution to help break down road dirt and grime.
– Foaming Tire Cleaner. A concentrated cleaning solution formulated to clean your tyres.
– Foaming Brush. A soft natural brush dispensing thick, rich colored, and scented cleaning solution.
– High-Pressure Soap. A detergent dispensed with pressure to clean all vehicle surfaces.
– High-Pressure Rinse. Clear rinse water used to flush all vehicle surfaces of dirt and grime.
– Wax. A special wax solution applied to the entire vehicle – which is then rinsed off, leaving a protective coating on painted surfaces. 
– Spot Free Rinse. A rainwater treatment dispensing final rinse water at low pressure, which will dry “spot free” on vehicle surfaces.
– Floor Mat Hangers. Wall-mounted hangers to hold floor mats while they are washed with high-pressure services.
– Vacuum Stations. Allow you to vacuum your vehicle.

Our DIY Dog Wash

And let’s not forget our DIY Dog Wash Station. Our Dog Wash station is a convenient, reliable, secure, safe, and environmentally-friendly way to wash your dog. Make the most of the shampoo and conditioner provided and the turbo dryer function in each unit to avoid making a mess at home. Some key benefits include:

– Easy to operate modern Dog Wash station.
– Safe, reliable, and secure bath for your pet.
– Fully self-contained station.
– Non-toxic grooming products.
– Conveniently located at the Premier Auto Wash Station in Ballarat, Victoria.
– No mess at home.

We hope you enjoyed reading up on our car wash services and solutions. We aim to be the most progressive and technologically advanced operated wash facility available in Ballarat, Victoria. And look forward to seeing you soon!