You have probably seen self-service car wash bays popping up around your area! It’s no wonder why – they make cleaning your vehicles easy, quick, and reliable. At Premier Auto Wash we have two unique LASERWASH 360 touchless systems and three self-serve wash bays that supply everything you need to keep your vehicles looking their absolute best in Ballarat, Victoria.

Our Auto Wash takes your vehicle through a meticulous wash process, which means a deep, high-quality and shining clean will follow every time! Here are four key reasons auto car washing works:

1. Convenience

If you’re on the way to work, a client meeting, or a family gathering and have just realised your car is an absolute mess… There is no need to panic and get yourself all worked up. Premier Auto Wash is here, where a self serve wash can take as little as 5 minutes. This means you can get on with what’s important in your life – looking your absolute best!

2. Meticulous cleaning

Premier Auto Wash has three self serve bays with vacuums specifically made to meticulously clean the inside of your car. This means dust and dirt are eliminated. And you can leave with a super clean vehicle – inside and out every time!

3. Don’t make a mess of it at home

Cleaning your car at home isn’t easy at the best of times. Adding the pain of buying cleaning products and equipment to do the job. These chemicals may end up causing more harm than good to your vehicle. And most people aren’t aware the water you use flows into stormwater drains, into your garden beds or onto your lawn – not good! At Premier Auto Wash, our water is responsibly repurposed and disposed of.

4. Simple process

If you’ve never used a self-serve car wash system before, look no further. Our professional and friendly Premier Auto Wash team is at your service, We are more than happy to help guide you through the process – to get your car looking exceptional.

To learn more pay us a visit soon! We look forward to seeing you and aim to deliver the very best in auto wash services in Ballarat, Victoria.